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What? Dinasour?

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Our Dinasour is no ordinary ancient reptile!

As an art project, it explores the parallel universe, where the meteorite never struck and the dinosaurs could evolve and live in the modern world.

What have they become? Oops, just another employee in front the screen, much like you and me.


Even though they were once the ruler of the planet, nowadays, they are still haunted by deadlines, employment freeze and budget cuts (again, much like you and me).

dinasour meet the deadline

That's why our hero's name is Dinasour, it is sour because the corporate world can sometimes be very stressful!

Our Dinasour reveals the disparity between business jargon and daily language with a little sarcasm.

As Victor Borge once said, "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people" Our Dinasour offers a lighthearted break and helps joyful individuals identify each other. Together, we are funnier and stronger.

Join the movement of Our Dinasour and embrace the delightful absurdity of modern life!

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Why so serious?

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When the time moves forward, the story of Our Dinasour also continues. It makes new friends, goes to ski, holds some more steaks, gets promoted (or not). You can choose the way you like to keep up with Dinasour!

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